As the Managing Director in previous employments demonstrated, installed and trained other label printing companies on the correct use of the machines he manufactured, we have our own in-house training from induction to refresher.

We also utilise our suppliers for their expertise in training our staff so that they benefit from other experts in the field. If there is a need for staff to be trained in a particular area using an external training course then this is provided for them, such as food hygiene, first aid course, fork lift training etc.

Our BRC Manager has been trained by the BRC for Internal Auditing & HACCP. This training has enabled us to slightly modify the system we were already following to accommodate the BRC standard rather than adopt a new system from an outside source and has given our BRC Manager a betterunderstanding of the packaging standard itself. Our BRC Manager and Supervisors have all been externally trained in Basic Food Hygiene so that the principles of the BRC Standard are adhered to with a better understanding of the reasons why. They are all extremely competent in adhering to and performing their tasks to achieve the BRC Standard as can be seen from the audit reports which show that there are no non-conformities from our BRC Auditor on any of our audits, and will work towards maintaining this high standard for future audits.

All our digital press operators have been externally trained by HP with our production supervisor being trained to the highest level which is Level 3. This minimises press down time and our congratulations go to him for being the 1st in the country to be trained to this high level on the 4000 series presses.