Wine Glass Tags or Wine Glass Labels

Readyprint have been producing Wine Glass Tags [also known as Wineglass Labels] for a number of years for the food industry. They are great at including all the information you need about your product including nutritional information, barcodes, weight, use by and/or best before dates.

They can be used for a variety of products such as chocolate coins, chocolate balls, fresh produce etc.

The material we use:


  • complies with EU 10-2011 [Materials and articles intended to come into contact with food]
  • is 100% recyclable
  • suitable for being ultrasonically welded to netting, metal clipped or heat sealed, can be perforated, stitched and sewn
  • thermal printable on both sides using ribbon
  • is sea water and chemical resistant [should you have a non food product use]

With the introduction of our new digital press, it is now possible to have as many designs as you like to be printed without the need for printing plate costs. You can also print consecutive numbers, barcodes, internet promotional codes and security ink. The only restriction is your imagination!


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