Peel & Reveal or Peel & Read Labels

Peel & Reveal or Peel & Read labels are ideal for increasing the amount of information available to your customers on your products without having to increase the size of your current packaging. Our peel and reveal labels have 3 surfaces on which you can include all sorts of information, such as:

  • nutritional
  • regulatory i.e. health & safety
  • recipes or cooking instructions
  • promotional items such as QR Codes, prizes, discounts or special offers
  • usage and /or storage instructions
  • market research

Peel & reveal labels are ideal for a multi-lingual environment. If you currently export your product and have separate packaging for each country, then think again as using a peel & reveal label on your UK packaging could be more cost effective and avoid the need for holding stocks of several different types of packaging for the same product.


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