Multi Layer Labels

Multi Layer or Piggyback labels consist of two labels, one on top of the other. The top label can be peeled off the bottom label to be used in a number of ways, whilst the bottom layer stays static on the original product. The bottom label could contain:

  • exactly the same information as the top label
  • have some other information, i.e. promotional or return address, or
  • if you require it can be left blank

Top and bottom labels containing the same information are perfect for asset or merchandise tracking. The top label is placed on the product, while the bottom can be used to keep a record of the item. They can be consecutively or sequentially numbered or have every set of labels printed with a different barcode which is unique to that product.

They are ideal for businesses that need to encourage their mail recipients to respond by giving them for example a return address label that they can peel off and use to return a product or other item as part of a promotion.

They can be used for example in the healthcare profession where the top label which could contain the patient's name and other information, is peeled off and applied to the patient notes etc.

They can also be used for tracking individual parcels and boxes by printing on the top peelable part of the piggy back label a barcode which can be used for scanning purposes.


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