Digital Printing

With our HP Indigo reel to reel printing press we have the facility to produce products in CMYK plus Orange, Violet, Green, White and UV Security Inks.
Having the 7 shot colour system and the ability to use the HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing System (IMS) allows us to achieve 97% of the Pantone colour range.

We can use our HP ElectroInk UV Red to print anti-counterfeiting elements to your products, including invisible barcodes and your brand identity.

We are also a Color-Logic Licensed Printer for our HP Digital Press enabling us to create striking visual effects.

As we have the facility to prime materials in house we are able to print on most substrates on our digital press, including those that would normally be affected by heat on other digital presses.

Have a requirement for variable data or personalisation – not a problem with our digital press.


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