Pre Press Flexo

We currently operate Adobe CS5 Design Studio together with Esko's specialist software to further enhance our pre-press service. With the purchase of our pre-predictive proofing system we are able to supply to our customers, proofs that are calibrated and fingerprinted to our flexo presses. This enables our customers to view prior to printing a proof which is a good representation of what they will receive on the products we produce for them in 4 colour process. This service is appreciated by our customers as they have an opportunity before printing to alter the design if they so wish prior to producing printing plates.

In our pursuit of excellence we have invested in the latest technology which is an Esko Spark CDI computer to plate system. This machine is the first of its format in the UK and has enabled us to produce consistently high quality plates with 150lpi being our standard. With this being the latest technology available it has enabled us to reproduce near litho quality printed products, which in turn helps us to give a competitive edge over some of our rivals who have not yet taken up this new technology.

We have all the equipment in house to manufacture our own printing plates using a Flo-line system. This, we feel, gives us a competitive edge as we are able to produce plates as and when we need, which allows us to respond quickly to customers' needs.

Should you wish to supply your own artwork for the flexo presses to download our latest print specification sheet click here.