Our most recent investment is a HP WS4600 digital press together with a Digicon Converter and Sheeter. With the new press has come the ability to produce variable data in the form of images, barcodes and text so each label that is produced can be unique and different from the next. We opted for the 7 shot colour system which together with the HP IndiChrome Ink Mixing System (IMS) enables us to hit 97% of the pantone colour range and also print with white onto clear substrates. It has complemented the work we currently produce on the flexo presses and also opened the door to new opportunities for both ourselves and our customers.

As well as high quality labels, we can produce posters, banners, tape measures and flexible packaging including shrink sleeve.

We can use our HP ElectroInk UV Red to print anti-counterfeiting elements to your products, including invisible barcodes and your brand identity.

We are also a Color-Logic Licensed Printer for our HP Digital Press enabling us to create striking visual effect, click here to find out more.

As we have the facility to prime materials in house we are able to print on most substrates on our digital press, including those that would normally be affected by heat on other digital presses.

Have a requirement for variable data or personalisation? 

Not a problem with our digital press. With the fantastic advances in technology you can now produce each label as a unique individual design to the next on the same print run. This will be ideal for internet promotional codes or personalisation of individual products. It enables brand owners to allow their customers to participate in designing future packaging therefore promoting brand loyalty.

The ink used on the HP press is suitable for indrect food contact, click on either link below to find out more:

HP ElectoInk FAQ

HP Food Packaging White Paper

Our current equipment consists of the following:

  • HP Indigo WS4600 7 colour digital press with packer arm for flexible packaging
  • ABG Digicon with lamination and UV facility, can cut shapes up to 622mm in length
  • ABG Sheeter
  • 4 inspection rewinders
  • Ben Bunch fanfolding system
  • Summa D60R Plotter Cutter for producing samples
  • ANSI grade barcode scanner for verifying barcodes we print
  • X-Rite Densitometer