BRC & Quality

Since October 2005 Readyprint has maintained BRC Certification which has been achieved by the dedication of our staff to always maintain high standards throughout the factory.

Our approved Scope of Supply is:
Flexo or digital printed water-based, spirit based or UV inks including security inks or plain labels on reel or sheet, die cutting in-line or off-line, rewind and inspection, fanfolding, peel & reveal labels, tags and other packaging materials.

As our commitment to the BRC Standard we decided from the onset to include all of our supplies within the scope of the audit and not just a few selected ones or selected areas of production as we felt that as product is moved around from one area to another that it should do so within the same environment. The BRC standard is applied to all products manufactured by us whether they are intended to be used on food products or not.

Our BRC Manager has been trained by the BRC for Internal Auditing & HACCP. This training has enabled us to slightly modify the system we were already following to accommodate the BRC standard rather than adopt a new system from an outside source and has given our BRC Manager a better understanding of the packaging standard itself. Our BRC Manager and Supervisors have all been externally trained in Basic Food Hygiene so that the principles of the BRC Standard are adhered to with a better understanding of the reasons why. They are all extremely competent in adhering to and performing their tasks to achieve the BRC Standard as can be seen from the audit reports which show that there are no non-conformities from our BRC Auditor on any of our audits, and will work towards maintaining this high standard for future audits.

Below is an extract from the company profile on our BRC Audit report:

"The company was founded in 1991 and re-located to the present premises in 2003 on an established light industrial estate near Kidderminster.  The factory is of modern construction 940m² and has been fully refurbished and kitted out for high grade printing processes for labels, tags and other packaging materials.  All services are of an excellent standard more associated with direct food contact packaging, eminently suitable for the manufacture and processing of indirect contact food grade products.

A digital press and off-line die cutter with all necessary ancillary equipment has been commissioned and complements the array of site equipment and keep the company at the forefront of their market sector.  The company prides itself on achieving rapid turnaround wherever necessary to meet customers' demands.

Quality and service is seen to be the way forward and they have concentrated on marketing the company's strengths in producing high quality print and application expertise to resolve customer packaging and functional requirements, whilst ensuring that all aspects of the product integrity, safety and legality are properly maintained.   This ethos is reflected by the company's blue chip customer base and the relative lack of customer complaints.

The company designs and innovates product which it considers meets any existing or potential customer need; either by direct approach from a potential customer or from its own sales agents.  The company has developed compliance systems in accordance with the requirements of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials."

Click here to download a copy of our BRC Certificate.